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TOL62A Smart LCD Thermostat

TOL62A-EP:16A,230VAC,2 Sensor

TOL62A-WP:3A,230VAC,1 Sensor  

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SGS; ISO 9001:2000; CE


Beok Controls can put your brand name on the products , instructions, packing box or labels

Beok Controls also can newly design the products hardware and software according to your demand.


For UN-OEM MOQ: 200PCS; OEM MOQ: 350PCS; ODM MOQ: TBD according to the products changing.

Supply Ability:


Payment Terms:

T/T,Paypal; West Union,Visa Card or others for negotiation.

Samples Offer:

The customer can order the samples for test before the big order.


2 years (24months)

Before sales Service:

1.Provide products solutions according to your system needs..

2.Provide technical consultation according to your projects need.

3.Provide OEM design for your orders

Middle sales Service:

1.Keep update for the order process

2.Provide Shipping way analysis according to the orders.

3.Provide the relative documents according to your Customer Clearance need.

After sales Service:

If there is any unqualified products,

1.Please provide the copy of Sales Contract and describe the problems appeared.

2.Please provide the issue pictures or videos for our engineer summary analysis.

3.Send back the issue products back for our engineer analysis.


1.Engineer will checking the issues, we will inform the customer result of issue.

2.For small issue quantity, our after sales department will fix or replace the qualified products for you, and send them back to you immediately .

3.For big issue quantity, our after sales department will replace the qualified products in your next order shipments.

1.Whats the difference between heating Thermostats and Fan coil Thermostat ?
Answer: Heating Thermostats are specialized for heating system, especially under floor heating system, it only have heating function.
Fan coil Thermostat are specialized for Air conditioning system, it has heating/cooling function, with 3 fan speed +Auto Ects.

2.Q:What is the difference between water floor heating thermostat and electric floor heating thermostat?
Answer: -Electrical Heating thermostats characters are : 
--16A current loading;
--With air sensor inside and external floor sensor (3m length)
--3 Sensor mode for setting
--Control heating mats, films, cables ects.
Answer: -Water Heating thermostat characters are :
--3A current loading;
--With air sensor inside only;  but we can add external floor sensor if you demand it.
---Control Valves, Thermal actuator ects.

3.Does the price including external sensor ? And how long of the external sensor
Answer.For Electrical models, yes, the price including the external sensor.

And it will be 3m length.

4.Can you make External sensor to other length?
Answer:Yes, we can make them to other length like 2m, 4m,5m ects.

5.Can I choose only one sensor to get temperature ?
Answer: Yes, you can, for our Heating Thermostats, we have 3 sensor mode for your set.
   1) Air sensor work only; 
   2)External sensor work only;
   3) Air sensor will get room temperature, floor sensor will limit the floor temperature to prevent the floor over heat.

6.Can the thermostat keep the clock when the power cut off?
Answer: Yes, all of our heating thermostat have battery inside to keep the clock and program setting , do, when the power cut off , and power on again, the thermostat will work in the right time and program set .

7.Is it possible to change the accuracy precision?
Answer:Yes, we can change the accuracy precision in the software.

8.:Can I change thermostat temperature match my temperature thermometer in my home?
Answer: Yes, you can , when you receive thermostat, you can adjust temperature differential according to our instructions.

9. Can you make other back light of thermostat for us?
Answer: Yes, we can make or change the back light for you if you need, the MOQ for back light changing will be 1000 piece.

10. For week programmable, what`s meaning of 5+1+1 or 5+2 /6+1 /7
Answer:5+1+1 program mode is : Monday ~ Friday  , you can set  temperatures and time during this time, and Saturday is one period, Sunday is another period.
5+2 program mode is: Monday ~ Friday, you can set same temperature and time, , Saturday and Sunday you can set another temperatures and time during those days.
6+1 will be Monday ~ Saturday, Sunday is another period
7 will be Monday ~ Sunday.

11.Do you provide OEM?
Answer:Yes, we can put your logo and brand on Thermostats if you need, just send us your logo file and color number, we will make it for you.

12.What`s the delivery time and MOQ :
Answer: For UN-OEM order, MOQ:200PCS, delivery time will be 10-14 working days after getting the deposit.
For OEM order, MOQ:350PCS, delivery time will be 12-18 working days after getting the deposit.

13.Do your thermostat pass with CE ?
Answer: Yes, all the thermostats have been passed with CE approval, and some models have RoHS.

14.How long of your Warranty ?
Answer: 24 months 

15.How to  pay the order ?
Answer: You can pay with T/T, Paypal, West Union, Visa Card or others for negotiation.
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